100+ Must-Read Books In 2020.

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22 min readDec 10, 2020

Each year we ask you what books have inspired you, or that you have given to others. Then we take your answers, plus add a few of our own and turn them into our annual list. We hope it proves useful.

The Chicken Shed, west Wales.


The Second Mountain
David Brooks

An exploration of what it takes to lead a meaningful life in a self-centered world. A true understanding of how to live for you and for others.

The Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof

This book will change your life. It will show you how to tap into your body and mind’s amazing potential.

Natural Health Service
Isabel Hardman

A fascinating study into the benefits that the great outdoors can bring to our mental health.

Katherine May

A gentle exploration of the dark season of life, and how we can learn to accept it, learn from it, and welcome the new season in.

How To Do Nothing
Jenny Odell

Everything is out to steal our attention. Information is everywhere. Behold: an action plan for resistance.

Vagus Nerve
Robert Bright

The key to overcoming depression and reducing chronic pain may well lie in our understanding of how our nervous system works.

The Way To Love
Anthony de Mello

31 beautiful meditations that grapple with the ultimate question of love and how to break through the great obstacle to love.

Direct Truth
Kapil Gupta

A deep dive in to the non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life. A no nonsense look at how you can get to the heart of the matter.

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness
Chalmers Brothers

How understanding language and conversation can lead to improved relationships at home and at work and, ultimately, make us happier.

This is Water
David Foster Wallace

A quick read but one that will stay with you for days, weeks and months after you have put it done. Profound advice on how to live in the 21st century.


The Psychology of Money
Morgan Housel

Truly insightful and bursting with interesting ideas and practical takeaways. Essential reading for anyone interested in being better with money.

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With
Jason A. Williams

Bitcoin. No-one controls it. No governments, no companies, no central banks, no money printing. It’s a revolution as big as the internet. This book explains how it works simple, readable terms.

The White Paper
Satoshi Nakamoto

Published in 2008 and described what would later be known as Bitcoin is now known as the Rosetta Stone of the Blockchain world. Revolutionary.

How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky
Naval Ravikant

The tweetstorm that went viral from a modern thinker on the complete wealth-creating process and how to make that work for you.

The Abundance Code
Julie Ann Cairns

How to re-write your subconscious programming to make sure that you are consciously attracting your goals for financial freedom.

The Compound Effect
Darren Hardy

Small consistent actions will bring long-term rewards. That is the key thinking made in this pithy look at how to kickstart your life and success.

Affluence Without Abundance
James Suzman

Filled with important insights that range from hunting to how we think about time, money, or success. A unique look at how we have gotten to where we are.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
Dr Seuss

A combination of mastery, mystery, and possibility, Dr. Seuss’s zany learnings and heart-felt messages have only grown in popularity since it was published.

Money Master Game
Tony Robbins

A giant in the industry, Tony’s timeless words of wisdom that action is stronger than knowledge have a place more now than ever.

Skin In The Game
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Do beats Explain every time. To make a difference to things, you need to have skin in the game, once you have that, everything else changes.


Simon Porte Jacquemus

Shot entirely on iPhone, Wanderlust, or at least the whimsy of a spirited holiday is the first effect the book might have.

Working Title
Tom Kundig

Be transported into the woods of the Pacific Northwest with the Kundig’s fourth monolith as he shows his daunting design instincts are reaching new heights.

The Calling
Rha Goddess

Everyone has one. A calling. But how do you make sure you follow it, stay true and still get paid. This definitive 6 step method will show you how.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant
Eric Jorgenson

Getting rich is not just about luck; happiness is not just a trait we are born with. Building wealth and being happy are skills we can learn.

The Practice
Seth Godin

Back with his incredible perspective on the power of creativity, in his latest book Seth Godin shares the pattern to successful creative work.

The Gifts of Imperfection
Brené Brown

How to live with authenticity and value. How to leave behind guilt. A must-read for knowing how to address the ‘where do I start?’ question.

Glennon Doyle

A rare thing that manages to shake you awake by the shoulders and fill your heart with warmth and certainty at the same time.

How To Write Like Tolstoy
Richard Cohen

A journey into the mind of the greatest writers of our time. This will not only show you how to improve your practice but give you a few good laughs to boot.

Breakthrough Advertising
Eugene M. Schwartz

This book is the definition of a game-changer. Worth every penny it will transform the way you do business through and through.

Home Body
Rupi Kaur

A collection of reflective and intimate poems that take the reader on a journey visiting the past, the present, and the potential of the self.


A Life on Our Planet
David Attenborough

The man who has been there and seen it all shares his thought-provoking piece on the future of our planet and what we need to do before it is too late.

The Future of Energy
John Armstrong

An accessible look at the challenges the energy industry faces today from an engineer who has seen both sides of the coin.

Green Meat?
Ryan M. Katz-Rosene & Sarah J. Martin

A great look at the debate around food consumption and production on a global scale. Not an easy read but an insightful one.

How Innovation Works
Matt Ridley

Innovation is not just something for the mavericks. It is useful in all aspects of life, especially how we live our lives in the most sustainable way for the planet.

Feeding Britain
Tim Lang

Politics and Pizza. They might not seem like a likely combination but how and what we eat in Britain is changing. How do we set the course for the future?

A Small Farm Future
Chris Smaje

A modern classic in the making. A rich, witty read that gets to the heart of the issue of localism and sustainable food production.

English Pastoral
James Rebanks

One of the most important books of 2020. If we want the land to look after us, we need to learn to look after the land in this nostalgic look at the passing of time.

Paul Jepson & Cain Blythe

Hope and purpose. Rewilding is breathing new life into the conservation movement and allowing people to have incredible new experiences.

All We Can Save
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine Wilkinson

Provocative and illuminating essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement, this book intermixing essays with poetry and art.

The Future We Choose
Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac

Practical, optimistic and empowering, this is a book for every generation and shows us the exciting world we can all be part of creating.

Future You.

Personality Isn’t Permanent
Benjamin Hardy

Change your environment. Change your life. By crushing an outdated paradigm it gives you the processes to create a bigger, bolder future.

Danny Penman, J. Mark, G. Williams & Mark Williams

An 8-week program designed to help those who are struggling with their off-switch settle into their best mindful practice.

You Are the Placebo
Joe Dispenza

The power of the mind coupled with the power of placebo can change your life. Joe Dispenza shows you how to perfect mastery over both of these things.

The Happiness Trap
Russ Harris

An easy to follow practical guide to living a fulfilling life and avoid reaching the gates of overwhelm.

From What Is to What If
Rob Hopkins

There are times when the state of the future can look dire, Rob Hopkins shows that with the right application, we can create the future we truly want.

Radical Compassion
Tara Brach

World-renowned meditation teacher Tara Brach shares a four-step practice to awaken compassion and release the grip of painful emotions.

The Gift of Forgiveness
Katherine Schwarzenegger

An uplifting look at what forgiveness can do for the giver and the receiver, how it can improve your life and relationships.

Laura Huang

Be authentic and distinct. Provide value to others. Packed with fascinating stories, Edge is a must-read for anyone seeking to stand out from the crowd.

Tiny Habits
BJ Fogg

This book is one that can’t just read once. It will be a well-thumbed copy you return to again and again. The learnings inside will change your life.

Contagious You
Anese Cavanaugh

A critical toolkit that helps you create and maintain an authentic and sustainable culture of engagement in your organisation.

Soulful CEO.

Where The Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak

More than a beautifully written children’s tale, there is a clear message here: You have to believe in yourself. You have adventure within you, just believe.

This Could Be Our Future
Yancey Strickler

Focusing on the betterment of social and environmental goals. Kickstarter founder Yauncey Strickler’s manifesto for a better world is inspiring.

Jerry Colonna

Using a mixture of Jungian therapy, Buddhist techniques and straight talking learn to achieve your potential and your goals.

The Road Less Stupid
Keith J. Cunningham

Smart people do dumb things. Happens to the best of us. These strategies in this book will make sure you never make a dumb business decision again.

Who Not How
Dan Sullivan

A simple mindset shift can change it all. You are not an island. Teams win and this will teach you how to use the power of others to achieve your goals.

Let My People Go Surfing
Yvon Chouinard

In this iconic read, Patagonia’s founder shares the persistence that has gone into being one of the most respected companies on earth.

The Fearless Organization
Amy Edmondson

Innovation. Creativity. Workplace Cornerstones. What about the ability to freely share your ideas? How can you create a space for that to happen?

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
Rebecca M. Henderson

Capitalism has become a dirty word, tainted by the big powers of the world. But what if we could claim it back and make it work for everyone?

Own Your Culture
Bretton Putter

Culture is vital to a company’s success and happiness. The problem is where to start. These techniques mean anyone can kickstart their company’s culture.

The Long Win
Catherine Bishop

In a culture that can be obsessed with winning, this is a welcome re-define of what success can look like in the longer term.


The Longevity Paradox
Steven Gundry

Our gut bugs play a much larger role in our life than we might think, how long we live, what illnesses we may get. Here are some simple life hacks to help them.

Chiltern Firehouse
André Balazs

Reimagined classics and bold new flavours ready to be tackled by novices and professionals alike. Nuno Mendes has captured the essence of the Firehouse.

Magnus Nilsson

A vital commentary on food culture, the hospitality industry and the highs and lows that can be found within the heat of the kitchen.

Dumplings and Noodles
Pippa Middlehurst

Perfect for beginners or intermediates looking to cook up an authentic Asian food storm in their kitchen. From comfort food to a feast this book covers it all.

Bitter Honey
Letitia Clark

The ethos behind each of these Sardinian recipes is as strong as the flavours they hold. Prepare to be transported to this beautiful Mediterranean Island.

From the Oven to the Table
Diana Henry

Perfect for the colder months, the one-pot wonders offered up in this book will warm your soul as well as fill your stomach.

Ottolenghi Flavor
Ixta Belfrage, Tara Wigley, and Yotam Ottolenghi

The book is broken down into three parts, which reveal how to tap into the potential of ordinary vegetables to create extraordinary food.

Ravinder Bhogal

Lawless concoctions that draw their influences from both Indian and British traditions, this is an example of fusion cuisine at its finest.

Coconut & Sambal
Lara Lee

More than 80 recipes from an Indonesian kitchen interwoven with tales from the Islands be prepared to turn your kitchen into a mouth-watering oasis.

Tartine Bread
Chad Robertson

Not all bread is created equal. A bread bible from one of the most regarded bread makers in the world, learn to perfect the centerpiece of every meal.

The Girl from Tel Aviv
Limi Robinson

More than a cookbook, this book is a true love song to a city. Childhood memories cross paths with recipes to open up Tel Aviv to the reader.

Sport and Adventure.

Born Fighter
Ruqsana Begum

A true tale of empowerment that will inspire anyone who has ever had to battle against the odds and against all the opposition to achieve their goal.

The Old Ways
Robert Macfarlane

Discover a lost world of the British Isles, you will want to wander at every opportunity and it will be impossible to take an unremarkable walk again.

The Mamba Mentality
Kobe Bryant

The personal perspective of the life and career of one of the world’s most incredible players both on and off the basketball court.

Roger Deakin

An unmatched exploration of our relationship with trees that takes the reader around the world and into the heart of the woods where we grow and change.

Mami Wata

Funded on Kickstarter, this is the first book to comprehensively document and celebrate surfing and related street culture in Africa.

The Culture Code
Daniel Coyle

Mastered by some of the greatest companies in the world, these three skills will change the way you work, lead, and the impact you have on the world.

Eleven Rings
Hugh Delehanty and Phil Jackson

Head coach of the L.A Lakers, Phil Jackson is one of the most innovative leaders of our time and here he shares his story and the secrets to his success.

Kamal Ravikant

An inspiring novel about what happens when you learn to listen to your heart and follow your truth told through the eyes of a reluctant pilgrim.

The Lombardi Rules
Vince Lombardi

This concise yet comprehensive book is packed with proven insights and techniques that are especially valuable in today’s hard-fought business arena.

No Hiding
Rob Kearney

One of the most unflinching Rugby players of all time, the most decorated Irish player of all time shares his high and lows of the game that has defined his life.

Black Lives Matter.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
Reni Eddo-Lodge

The book that sparked a national conversation. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand race relations in Britain today.

How to Be an Antiracist
Ibram X. Kendi

It is not enough to not be a racist. That neutrality can be just as dangerous. We have to pro-active in our stance against anti-racism.

Girl, Woman, Other
Bernardine Evaristo

This booker prize winner novel, that follows the stories of 12 women is a much needed love song to black women in modern Britain.

Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?
Maya Schenwar

A harsh look at the inequalities raced by black and indigenous communities by the police force across the UK and how to tackle these issues.

So You Want to Talk About Race
Ijeoma Oluo

Answering the questions that readers don’t dare to ask, Ijeoma Oluo messages are passionate but finely tuned about the race issues across modern American.

The Fire Next Time
James Baldwin

Written in 1963, James Baldwin’s plea to unify the races across America is still as hardhitting today. He writes with a fire in his heart and a poet’s soul.

Women, Race & Class
Angela Y. Davis

A hard read but an important one. Filled with moments that the history of the women’s rights movement has pushed to the side, a truly eye-opening read.

Afua Hirsch

A personal and provocative exploration of how Britain as a nation came to be so in denial about it’s imperial past and the racism that attacks its present.

Slay In Your Lane
Yomi Adegoke

An honest, provocative book recognises and celebrates the strides black women have already made, while providing practical advice to forge a better future

Dr Jennifer Eberhardt

Every day, unconscious biases affect our visual perception, memory and behaviour in subtle and difficult to see ways. How do we overcome these?


More Time to Think
Nancy Kline

The quality of what we do, depends on the quality of how we think. Here are effective ways to help people think with imagination and courage.

What Are People For?
Wendell Berry

A collection of 22 groundbreaking essays offering both sound advice and deep concern for the future and how we can pull together to make a difference.

The Unschooled Mind
Howard Gardner

The current educational system works for the few not the many. What would happen if we re-designed it so that it was for the benefit of the children using it?

You, Your Child, and School
Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica

What is the best way to support your child through the years in education? This guide dispels myths and controversies and gets right to the heart of it.

John Cleese

Creativity is not limited to a few great minds. Anyone can be creative, John Cleese through a mixture of practical advice and humour shows just how.

The Book of Beautiful Questions
Warren Berger

No question is a stupid question but there are those that will help you get to the matter in hand, to help you progress and find the answers you need.

How to Take Smart Note
Sönke Ahrens

Note taking is an art. Take the right notes and your ideas flow, the wrong ones and you are setting yourself up to fail. Here is how to make the right ones.

Lives of the Stoics
Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman

A look at the lives of those who chose to live by the stoic values of courage, justice, temperance and wisdom and how those teachings can be applied today.

Mind Mapping
Kam Knight

A thorough look at one of the most effective ways to organise thoughts. There is a method to the madness here and strategies to make the most of your tools.

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read
Philippa Perry

In this absorbing, clever and funny book, renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry tells us what really matters and what behaviour it is important to avoid.

Change Makers.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
Greta Thunberg

A collection of powerful speeches from one of the most important influences of our time. Proving all you need is passion and a voice to make a difference.

Doughnut Economics
Kate Raworth

Moving beyond the myths of ‘rational economic man’ and unlimited growth and looking at a system that meets all our needs without exhausting the planet.

The Innovation Stack

An irreverent first-person look inside the world of entrepreneurship, and a call to action for all of us to find the entrepreneur within ourselves.

How to Be Alone
Lane Moore

A beautiful and raw read, a book that will make you feel seen and understood if you have ever struggled with the idea of being alone.

The Great Mental Models
Rhiannon Beaubien & Shane Parrish

The secret to better decision-making is learning things that won’t change. Master a number of concepts that help you understand how the world works.

The Double X Economy
Linda Scott

A groundbreaking examination of women’s economic empowerment and how the removal of the barrier’s to women’s success is a win for everyone.

Jane Davidson

The world’s first piece of legislation to place sustainable practice at the heart of government, where did it come from? Well, just a little country called Wales.

Cradle to Cradle
Michael Braungart & William McDonough

How to re-design products so that they can be of value to us as humans and also give value to Earth when the item has come to the end of its life.

Janine Benyus

Must reading for anyone interested in the shape of our future by taking a look at nature’s most successful ideas and how we can apply those to humankind.

Just Us
Claudia Rankine

An invitation to discover what it takes to stay in the room together, and to breach the silence, guilt and violence that surround whiteness.

Ijeoma Oluo

As provocative as it is essential, a look at how to imagine a new white male identity, one free from racism and sexism.

Susan Fowler

A story of determination and resilience about what it means to speak up for what is right.

2020 DO Book Co Releases.

DO Photo
Andrew Paynter

If you only read one book on photography, let it be this one. This considered approach is perfect for the novice, the professional and everyone in between.

DO Make
James Otter

We are all makers. From brewing our morning coffee to folding a paper aeroplane, we find it satisfying to create something that didn’t exist before.

DO Agile
Tim Drake

Today’s world requires a new type of toolkit. One that helps build mental resilience, a growth mindset, and a positive outlook.

The Path of a DOer
David Hieatt

A re-realease of this pocket guide to helping you to achieve more. To help you understand the ebb and flow of making something happen.

DO Present
Mark Shayler

If you’re starting a new business or you’re the rebel inside, this is for you. This is about being innovative. Making a difference.


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