23 Crazy Simple Tips About How to Build A High Growth Newsletter.

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Always be testing.

1, Your biggest competitor is time.

2, Spend more time on it. Who knew?

3, Be strategic.

4, View your customer in 360 degrees.

5, Give value.

6, Benchmark. But benchmark from the best.

Here are some good questions to ask:

7, Design matters.

8, A small team is a fast team.

9, Deep work helps you get more done.

10, Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

11, Optimise for loyalty.

12, Sharing versus creating.

13, The job of the editor is to edit.

14, Attention is changing.

15, Test. Test. Test.

16, Don’t leave ‘subject lines’ to just before you send.

17, All roads lead to sign up.

18, Tools for an easy life.

19, Engagement is more important than size.

20, Everyone starts from zero.

21, Regular timing creates trust.

22, Be human.

23, Checklist ritual.

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