50+ Must-Listen-To Podcasts In 2023.

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18 min readMar 9, 2023
Curated by The DO Team

We know that the podcast world is overwhelming. And we know there is a limited amount of spare time in a day. Instead of recommending podcast shows we have decided to collate the best episodes that have inspired the DO community, plus a few of our own. The beauty of a podcast is that you can listen anywhere, so plug in and enjoy. We hope it proves useful to kick-start your 2023.


Adnan Is Out

Hosted by Serial

Adnan Syed has spent the last 23 years incarcerated, serving a life sentence for the murder of Hae Min Lee, a crime he says he didn’t commit. He has exhausted every legal avenue for relief. But then a prosecutor in the State’s Attorney’s office stumbled upon something that changed everything.

Season 1 : Episode 13

Q&A with Tim

Hosted by The Tim Ferriss Show

Revisiting 15+ years of PR and marketing lessons, time dilation for deep relaxation, the art of setting ultra-high prices, the low-information diet, studying animal communication, my 3-day fasting protocol, tools for handling adversity, selling to the affluent, my current coffee and alcohol rules, risk mitigation, and much more.

Episode 628

Kris Hallenga in Conversation with Giles Duley

Hosted by Glittering a Turd

During our 2015 DO Wales event, these two inspiring speakers crossed paths. They have reconnected in this podcast, sharing their ‘turd’ stories and enlightening others to look at them in a positive way.

Episode 17

New Year 2023: Shedding the Old Skin

Hosted by Sadhguru

As cobras and other creatures shed their old skin, this time of year offers us the possibility to shed our old nonsense and experience a new beginning. In this message for the new year, Sadhguru asks, do you have the courage to make something happen which is larger than yourself?


Gareth McConnell : On Survival

Hosted by The Messy Truth with Gem Fletcher

The Troubles Generation is an ongoing curatorial project by Vivienne Gamble inviting artists who grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles to shed new light on the impact of being brought up in an era of intense sectarian violence. One artist in conversation is Gareth McConnell, a London-based photographer.


Paul McGinley: Positivity, Learning From Sir Alex Ferguson and Lifting The Ryder Cup

Hosted by Captains with Sam Warburton

How do you mastermind a Ryder Cup victory? In this episode Europe’s 2014 victorious captain Paul McGinley reveals all. Packed full of leadership insights, Sam and Paul discuss how to get a group of high performing individuals to come together as a team, why keeping things simple is key and the power of positivity. Leadership is not rocket science.




Hosted by Gaba

With over 3 million downloads the GABA Podcast is a highly acclaimed psychedelic journey through meditation and a beautiful blend of stunning audio and compassionate thoughtful insight. This episode focuses on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 🕺🏽💊🙏🏼🍄.


Blue Health

Hosted by Vivobarefoot SUSTAIN THIS?

British surfer and social entrepreneur Nick Hounsfield is in discussion about ‘Blue Health’, a concept and commonly held belief that spending time near or in water is good for us. Poor physical and mental health have huge negative impacts on affected individuals, and the growing financial costs associated with treatment can be considerable.


Improve Flexibility with Research-Supported Stretching Protocols

Hosted by Huberman Lab

The science behind limb range of motion and flexibility and how to increase them by using science-supported protocols is explained. As well as science-based stretching and “micro-stretching” protocols that reliably improve limb flexibility with the minimum necessary time investment.

Episode 76

365 Days of Walking

Hosted by Alex Elle + Libby Delana

This Morning Walk podcast invites you to experience the transformative power of a simple walk. In this episode, Alex is celebrating 365 days of walking! She and Libby sit down and talk about the journey so far.


Training Around Minor Injuries

Hosted by GMB Fitness

Whether you wake up one morning with a crick in your neck or you twist your ankle while running, learning to train with limitations is a skill that can be learned. In this episode, GMB dive into what constitutes a minor injury, why it’s important to keep moving.

Season 3


Larry Cermak of The Block on What 90% of Bitcoin Trading Is For

Hosted by Unchained Podcast

Larry Cermak, director of research at The Block, looks at the macro trends in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, including what can be gleaned from derivative data, why many hedge funds are shorting Bitcoin and what has happened to trading volume since the summer.

Episode 103

Acting On Climate Change — Now! with Daniel Batten

Hosted by The Progressive Bitcoiner

Daniel is an entrepreneur, coach, ClimateTech VC, and author. He is a lifelong environmental advocate who has lent an objective eye to Bitcoin’s environmental impact. Daniel has researched and written extensively on Bitcoin mining and shares his insights during this amazing episode.


Will energy prices rise or fall? 1p challenge and cash ISAs

Hosted by The Martin Lewis Podcast

BBC Radio 5live’s Nihal Arthanayake takes on Martin’s Money Mastermind. Listen to find out how he gained 10% of a point. This episode, Martin’s podcast exclusive money-saving tips include an urgent warning to high earners and the self-employed.


Obi Nwosu: Bitcoin, Fedimint and Not Our Keys Not Our Coins

Host by Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Obi Nwosu is the CEO of Fedi and a full time Bitcoin advocate. Fedi, Inc. is a global Bitcoin adoption technology company. He continues to support initiatives that advance the Bitcoin ecosystem and is a board member for ₿trust, a not-for profit organisation originally conceived by Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z to fund the location, education, and remuneration of Bitcoin developers in the global south, starting with Africa.


A Progressive View of Bitcoin with Margot Paez

Hosted by What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Margot Paez is a Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute specialising in Renewable Energy and Environmental Studies. In this interview, we discuss the Occupy movement, a broken capitalist system, and a pragmatic approach to our energy future.

Episode 478


Off To The Races with Daniels + Daniel Radcliffe

Hosted by The A24 Podcast

3x Daniels enjoy Cheesecake Factory takeout and talk potential for a Swiss Army Man revival on Broadway and the relentless optimism of Everything Everywhere All At Once. Other topics covered include: child stunt doubles, overblown headlines, hating school but loving learning, hyper-specific personal email addresses, the influence of anime, the history of birds, being witnesses in murder trials, and nominal predestination.


Miranda July

Hosted by Its Nice That

Liz Gorny sits down to chat with filmmaker, artist and writer Miranda July. Hear how she is relearning how to move her body, the process of writing her new book, and how she is always thinking about the most beautiful way to present work. After that, hear from artist and designer Lebassis as he pays homage to the magic of his neighbourhood of Sao Paulo.

Episode 10

A Closer Look At A Decade Spent At Pentagram, With Marina Willer

Hosted by Creative Boom

An award-winning graphic designer and filmmaker and one of Pentagram’s many respected partners. Before joining the global agency, she was head creative director for Wolff Olins in London. Talking about her process and inspirations, and learning more about Pentagram and how she feels about the world right now.

Episode 77

Guest : Katie Elliot

Hosted by Sound of Silence

An incredible exhibition of collected silence, recorded face to face with 100 guests over a period of two and half years. Unique and insightful. Why not start with our past DO Wales speaker, Katie Elliot. You’ll see some other familiar faces along the way. Your desktop and headphones will work best.

Episode 70

Is Advertising Getting Worse?

Hosted by Creativity Sucks

Tackling a question that never seems to go away: Is Advertising Getting Worse? Creative Review editor Eliza Williams is joined by three experts from advertising - David Kolbusz, Melody Sylvester and Mark Denton - to discuss the state of the industry today.

Episode 1


Re-thinking The Rules Of Fashion

Hosted by Ecotextile Talk

Former Timberland COO, Ken Pucker, shares some home truths about the success of current ESG (environmental, social and governance) frameworks in play across the fashion industry. Also exploring the potential for New York’s proposed fashion accountability act, to lead changes across the US and whether this type of framework could be used as a blueprint for similar progressive laws on fashion and sustainability around the world.


Foraging With Merlin Sheldrake

Hosted by The Green Dream with Dana Thomas

British biologist and author of an award-winning science-driven memoir called Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds and Change Our Minds and Shape our Futures. A gorgeous book of literary nature writing in the tradition of Robert Macfarlane and John Fowles, ripe with insight and erudition


Sarah Jaquette Ray on Navigating the Emotional Havoc of Climate Anxiety

Hosted by At a Distance

Author of the new book “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety” and a professor of environmental studies at Cal Poly Humboldt, discusses the importance of leveraging negative emotions for political change, the ties between the climate crisis and our own inner suffering, and how thinking differently about the world can lead to more positive feedback cycles.

Episode 157

Joy Howard On Community Fuelled Sustainability

Hosted by The Business Of Fashion Podcast

Founder of degrowth brand Early Majority talks about the power of energised communities and what the future of token-gated commerce looks like. Early Majority sells “layered” outerwear that includes everything from light windbreakers to cold weather puffers, and offers a membership programme, where customers who mint an NFT gain access to lower prices, exclusive products and other benefits.


Community Gardens, Plastic Pirates, a Farmshop Club and a Multi-business Farm

Hosted by Farmerama Radio

From community gardens in Portugal, connecting kids with their ecosystem in South Africa, learning about a membership model at a farm shop in Bulgaria, and finally back to the UK to chat about a farming approach that layers and connects many businesses on one farm.

Episode 77


Headspace x Dr. Maya Shankar: Control is an Illusion

Hosted by Radio Headspace

Cognitive Scientist Dr. Maya Shankar is guest-hosting, talking about how to work with change, instead of against it. This episode is all about the illusion of control. When life gets in the way of our best laid plans, we don’t have to see it as a defeat. Instead, we can tap into our resilience and pivot gracefully.

Epsiode 295

Wanting : Luke Burgis

Hosted by Epsilon Theory

It’s the only question that really matters here in the Age of Nudge: Why do we want what we want? A fantastic conversation with Luke Burgis, author of Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.

Episode 13

The First 90 Days : Michael D Watkins

Hosted by Moonshots Podcast

Transitions are a critical time for leaders at all levels. Missteps made during the crucial first three months in a new role can jeopardise your success. Whether you’re starting a new job, being promoted from within, or embarking on an overseas assignment, this is the guide you’ll need to succeed in your first 90 days and beyond.


Guest : Mo Farah

At Your Service with Dua Lipa

Interviews brimming with inspiring stories and tools, tips, and recommendations learned and shared by some of the world’s most exciting minds. Dua talks to sporting legend Mo Farah, the most successful male track distance runner ever, about his recent revelations that he was trafficked to the UK from Djibouti as a child.


Non-diagnosis with Melin Edomwonyi

Hosted by Neurodivergent Moments

In this episode, Abigoliah Schamaun and Joe Wells talk about non-diagnosis with the founder of Lil Titsy, Melin Edomwonyi. Also talking a bit about coercive control in cults.

Season 2 Episode 2


Ruthie Rogers on Cooking as an Act of Imagination

Hosted by Time Sensitive Podcast

Ruthie Rogers talks with Spencer about her journey in food and cooking, her 35 years at the helm of the River Cafe and the rigorous culture of kindness and openness, paired with toughness, that she has built at the restaurant, both in and out of the kitchen.

Episode 85

Guest : Tadiwa Mahlunge

Hosted by The Hoovering Podcast

Tadiwa Mahlunge is an astronomically fast rising star of the stand up comedy scene. Tad and Jessica ate stunning Vietnamese food from BUNBUNBUN in a studio in Dalston, and chewed the fat about chewing the fat. There is eating and talking. What’s not to love!

Episode 225

Guest : Sue Perkins

Hosted by Off Menu With Ed Gamble + James Acaster

A food and comedy podcast in which guests are invited to select their dream menu by both comedians. In a very memorable episode, national treasure and former ‘Bake Off’ co-host Sue Perkins discovers an unexpected loophole in the dream restaurant’s ordering process.

Episode 92

Stanley Tucci, A Negroni And Spaghetti Alle Vongole

Hosted by Dish

In this episode, Nick nervously serves Stanley a negroni and Angela prepares one of his favourite meals, spaghetti alle vongole with clams. Stanley is a man of taste, he talks Italian cooking, the importance of a leather shoe and casually drops names like Ryan Reynolds, Cher and Judi Dench into conversation. Stanley Tucci is the epitome of a dream dinner party guest.


A Pepper Party

Hosted by Taste of Place

We end the season at a party where guests bring dishes filled with nostalgia and pepper and discuss what pepper means to them. The guests include novelist Emma Hughes, Vittles founder and editor Jonathan Nunn, chef and writer Chloe-Rose Crabtree, previous guests Jenny Lau, Pam Brunton, Tomas Heale and special guest Dr. Masing’s mother, Fiona Mowlem.

Episode 10


JP Walker

Hosted by The Bomb Hole Podcast

JP is one of the best riders to ever strap into a snowboard; with more never been done tricks and more video parts then any other rider in the game. JP shares the dark day his wife was hit by a car, changing life as they knew it and shifting JP’s mindset away from snowboarding and into care taking as well as the road to recovery.

Episode 110

Ross Edgley on Swimming Around Great Britain and Building Resilience

Hosted by Daily Stoic

Ryan reads today’s daily meditation and talks to Ross Edgley about his 1,792 mile swim all the way around Great Britain, overriding the innate function of self-preservation to perform feats of endurance, the importance of protecting yourself against becoming too comfortable in life, and more.

Episode 59

Movement, Calm and Massive Hikes - Gail Muller + Richie Norton

Hosted by A Life More Wild

An episode of walking in the woods with Richie Norton, hearing about the long road from losing his rugby career to finding his calm as a breathing and movement coach. Also features DO Wales speaker Gail Muller, who pushed through a chronic pain condition to regain her adventurous lifestyle and walk the entire Appalachian trail.

Series 2 Episode 5

Sascha Hamm Part 1 + 2 : Dealing With Catastrophe

Hosted by Looking Sideways

A UK snowboarder who has been at the top of European freeriding for the past twenty years. On 9th March 2016, Sascha’s life changed for ever. He was competing in the Freeride World Tour Event in Fieberbrunn, Austria, when he took a fall that, by rights, should have killed him. He describes in detail how he half-backflipped off a 100 foot cliff and landed on rocks.

Episode 3 (part 1)

Episode 4 (part 2)

Ash Dykes Walked China’s 4,000-mile Yangtze River

Hosted By The Joe Rogan Experience

Ash Dykes is a Welsh adventurer, extreme athlete and the first Welsh person to be on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Ash achieved three world-first records, trekking across Mongolia, Madagascar, and the course of the Yangtze River. Listen to his extreme story.

Episode 1410


Tom Kay How I built Finisterre

Hosted by Looking Sideways

For this episode, Matt welcomed Tom Kay, the founder of UK surf brand Finisterre, onto the show. Father, surfer, swimmer, lifeboatman, fisherman and entrepreneur, Tom founded Finisterre in 2002, famously selling their first fleece from a pile in his bedroom.

Episode 012

Guest : Anna Kulachek

Hosted by Women At Work

A graphic designer, originally from Ukraine. She has worked with clients such as the MoMA, La Triennale di Milano, Nike, Apple, Calvin Kline and Prada. For the past three years, Anna has worked as an art director at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, where she in charge of all visualisation of public and education programs.


Guest : Katy Dawe

Hosted by The B+A Calling Podcast

This episode explores London based problem solver, Katy Dawe, and her passion, experience and challenges of setting up and scaling the charity Art Against Knives. Talking about turning serendipitous meetings into authentic connections, building project management skills on the job and what unwavering support looks like from well-known friends from across the world of art and fashion.

Episode 7

The Man Who Coached Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant To WIN! : Tim Grover

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Tim Grover is the performance expert who helped to raise the game of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to the legendary levels everyone knows them for. Taking over Michael Jordan’s personal performance team when he was in his early twenties, he’s been working with the world’s top athletes for over three decades.

Episode 143

Ray Dalio: How To Embrace Conflict

Hosted by Masters of Scale

Want to improve any idea? Find someone who disagrees with it. This is something legendary investor Ray Dalio knows. But there’s a difference between constructive and destructive conflict, and Dalio is a master at spotting the difference. In constructive conflict, a team has a shared goal, whether or not they have differing opinions. And this is the key to success.

Epsiode 49


So … What The Hell Is Web3? With the Chernin Group’s Jarrod Dicker

Hosted by Recode Media

Why did everyone start talking about it all at once, and are we going to still be talking about it in a few months? Jarrod Dicker, an investor at the Chernin Group, may know the answers to some of those questions, so he sat down to talk with Recode’s Peter Kafka. For years, Dicker has been in and around crypto. Web3 is really a rebranding of crypto, but he also knows the media business. Prior to Chernin, he was an executive at the Washington Post.


Mark Zuckerberg: Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and the Metaverse

Hosted by Lex Fridman Podcast

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook and its parent company, Meta Platforms - you know who he is. In this conversation, Mark and Lex discuss the metaverse, the social dilemma, and how censorship is contingent on the evolving definition of harm.

Episode 267

Joe rogan Interviews Steve Jobs

Hosted by Podcast.ai

Welcome to podcast.ai, a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence. Every week, it explores a new topic in depth, and listeners can suggest topics or even guests and hosts for future episodes. Whether you’re a machine learning enthusiast, just want to hear your favourite topics covered in a new way or even just want to listen to voices from the past brought back to life, this is the podcast for you.


The Mission to Build a Super App for Millions of Small-Scale Farmers and Investors

Hosted by Disruptors for GOOD

In Episode 151 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, in conversation with Fahad Ifaz, Co-founder and CEO of iFarmer, on his mission to democratise agricultural finance and supply chains to millions of small-scale farmers.

Episode 151

The Next Best Thing

Hosted by Talking Politics

John Naughton talks about what’s coming next in the tech revolution and where it’s taking us. From quantum computing to cryptocurrency, from AI to the Internet of Things: what’s hype, what’s for real and how will it shape our politics.

Listen now


Outdoor Learning With Forest School Coordinator Jay Croney

Hosted by All Hallows School Podcast

Find out about the importance of Outdoor Learning, what the Forest School brings to All Hallows School education and Jay will give some advice when it comes to getting your kids away from their screens and encouraging them to spend time outside.

Episode 17

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?!

Hosted by Tinkercast

Eyes up. Screens down. Jaws dropped. Hosts Mindy and Guy Raz are getting to the bottom of what happened to all the dinosaurs on their trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, when they discover they’ve travelled back in time 66 million years.

Listen now

The Sleepover Club: The Death Of Nuance, Why Being ‘Chronically Online’ Gives You Brain Worms, And The Era of Anti-Intellectualism

Hosted by The Polyester Podcast

Anti intellectualism is having a moment. Express an opinion online and they’ll be at least 5 people in your mentions telling you that you’re wrong. This episode discusses whether this constant dumbing down of discourse, art, and everything in between is more insidious than it may seem.


Jessie Inchauspe: The Glucose Goddess

Hosted by The Art of Being Well

Dr. Will Cole is joined by biochemist and author, Jessie Inchauspe, who teaches us how change the way we look at food. This episode will give you all the information you need to balance your blood sugar and reclaim your health.


Sir Tim Smit On How ‘Muscular Localism’ Could Save The Planet

Hosted by Blue Earth Summit Podcast

Guest Sir Tim Smit, the co-founder of the Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, talks to host Laura Nesbitt about why he believes muscular localism is the way forward when it comes to creating a healthy, happy planet. He touches on the future of agriculture. Plus, why he believes 3D printing could put an end to supply chains.



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