Each year we ask you what books have inspired you, or that you have given to others. Then we take your answers, plus add a few of our own and turn them into our annual list. We hope it proves useful.


Business should be like a great brief.

It should invite a sense of wonder. A sense of curiosity. A sense of unknowing.

It should not try to create magic, but rather focus on creating the conditions for magic to happen.

The unknowing is the magic.


Business is a broken…

Write Your Company Into Growth.

We’ve just launch a new version of this wildly successful LIVE course.

It was so well received by attendees we only change one word of it. Recorded.

You couldn’t make this up.

So we didn’t.

(Not that we would.)

What follows are un-retouched testimonials from attendees of the Keyboard CEO…

This was inspired by listening to Greg Bunch on a morning rant.

  1. The barrier is a gift.
  2. Be grateful when it appears.
  3. It will make you think different.
  4. Don’t worry about a lack of money.
  5. Worry about a lack of ideas.
  6. Don’t worry about a lack of resources.
  7. Worry about…

How do teams win, even when the odds are against them? It is not complex, just hard. There are humans involved.

1, Who you hire will decide everything.

No news here. Move on.

2, How you hire will decide who you hire.

Your hiring framework will decide your success.


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