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The Do Lectures is a global encouragement network.

Our reason to exist is to help others through our growing community.

To be their encouragement. To provide motivation. To give them insights. To help people and companies leave their comfort zones. To help them think bigger. And so ultimately, reach their true potential.

Our community of change makers comes from many disciplines: Entrepreneurs, innovators, environmentalist, artists, musicians, makers, activists. Our aim is to inspire the next generation of purpose driven change makers from as diverse backgrounds and countries as we can.

To that end, we’re looking for 10 contributors from around the world, from different disciplines that get what we are doing. To share their knowledge and become an important part of our community. Your words, your advice, your insights can help others.

The areas we are focused on are:

1, technology.

2, environment.

3, education.

4, creativity.

5, social entrepreneurs.

6, food.

7, sport.

8, human spirit.

If you want to become a contributor to the Do Blog and Do Medium on any one of these themes, then please submit a piece. And if we feel it is right for our audience, we will put it up on our Medium Blog, and the blog on the Do website.

Although we can’t pay our contributors right now, you will become an important part of our community. And, along the way, we may help you find people who can help you in your journey.

Please submit your piece to

The Encouragement Network |

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