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September. London.

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This is the first in a pioneering series of One-Day events from the iconic Do Lectures. The first ‘Do Ideas Day’ takes a look at Stress. To understand how we can work so much better than we are.

As business owners, as startup entrepreneurs, as CEO’s of well-known companies, how do we look after our people.

We draw knowledge and insights from the world of sports, from business pioneers, from mindfulness experts, from nature, from parents, from best selling authors.

Why do some sports people choke at crucial times, and others fly? Why do we always focus on the negative? What companies out there are leading the way? And what have they done to keep their best people? Can mindfulness and yoga truly be good for business? How can a company culture help keep your best people? Do longer hours actually give better results? How can happiness make us more innovative?

The purpose of the day is to help us as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, HR directors, to understand stress better. So we can shape our companies to look after our people better. A company that creates a culture that does that will do better in the long-term.

Pioneering approach.

No slides. No powerpoint.

Each speaker will speak without slides or Power point presentation for 10 minutes. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to answer questions.

Why no slides? Surely, they help. Of course, they help. But it also breeds a raft of perfect talks that no longer cut through anymore. So we are stripping back to the speaker, and his and her message that they need to put across.

This will produce clearer communication.

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(Periscope counter, which will give speakers instant feedback as they connect with people around the world, and in the audience too.)

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As this will be one of the first events in the world filmed on Periscope, it will go out live around the world. That allows us to take questions from around the world. Stress is a global issue, and questions from all over the globe help us all to think differently about it.

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A 134 page ‘Stress Report’ will be produced specifically for ‘Ideas Day’.

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At the end of the Ideas Day, we will provide a venue to allow networking to allow people to exchange ideas.

How the day looks.

1 day event.

9,30am -5pm.

Theme: Stress.

12 speakers.

1 musician.

2 breakout workshops to help networking. And leg circulation.

Cost £350 per attendee.

Location: Central London.

Date: September.

There will only be 400 places, to register an interest, click here. We will then let you know speaker line up and when tickets go on sale.

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