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It’s that time.

You can now register your interest to attend The Do Lectures, West Wales, July 4–7th, 2019.

As the reputation grows ever bigger, the cowshed steadfastly remains the same size.

There are just 100 places available. Instead, each year, we work hard to grow its magical nature, not its size.

Your role as an attendee is an important one:

1, You pay for the talks to be seen by millions of people for free.
2, You create the magic at the event.
3, You go back home and tell your friends: ‘Hey, you must go.’

Cautionary Tale.

You shouldn’t come to the Do Lectures if you aren’t willing to say goodbye to the old you.” Mills.

To register your interest today, just click on the link and put your email in the form. And, that’s it.

Stay curious.

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