How Three Short Months Can Change Your Life.

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Money is the second largest stressor across generations. And while finances make most of us freeze, there is one thing we can do to cut down on this kind of anxiety.

Experts say that if we set up a savings fund of 3–6 months worth of expenses, we can alleviate the worry that comes with the unknown and help re-establish our peace of mind. To put it simply, it’s easier to jump if you know you have a cushion beneath you.

Setting aside a bit here and there to build this fund will help you to step out of stress and into possibility. To feel a bit more daring, creative, and more in control of your life.

Research shows that people who feel gratitude report more life satisfaction, less stress, and are just happier overall. But more interestingly, those who choose gratitude don’t live in a world of denial. They don’t ignore the negative parts of their lives. They’ve just re-wired their priorities. And see the beauty in the simple things.

Gratitude allows us to: hold onto positive memories,reduce self-doubt,recognise that we’re cared for, put things into perspective,and enter a positive mindset.

Choosing is as simple as starting with these 5 steps:

  1. Begin your day with affirmations.

Take time each morning to speak affirmations of appreciation before you get out of bed.

2. Be Curious.

Curiosity is just a means of truly paying attention. Never stop asking questions.

3. Become mindful of your surroundings.

Direct your attention to the world around you. Identifying one nice thing around you and truly take it in.

4. Savour the ordinary.

Give yourself permission to slow down and experience the small moments. Remember to pause every once in awhile.

5. End your day on a positive note.

Instead of mulling over everything that went wrong that day or worrying about the next, use your last moments before bed to recall three moments about the day you appreciated.

This is an excerpt from The Stress Report.

By Kacie McGeary.

This is the tenth post in an eight-week series of articles all about stress and how to make it work for you and your business. Because it’s time that we start building human-based companies.

In the next article, we’ll be bringing your attention to six foods helpful in repairing stressed immune systems. See you there!

The Do Lectures is holding a one-day event called ‘Do Stress’. It will deliver insights, future strategies, and will examine the zeitgiest for ‘human based companies’ and how ‘work’ is going to change. And what that means for your business?

There will be 10 talks from entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, change-makers and visionaries. As Dan Pink reminds us all: “Talented people need organisations less than organisations need talented people”.

That is why smart companies are creating human cultures, not corporate ones in order to thrive. How you stay ahead in the future is not the same as what kept you ahead in the past.

Why attend?

It answers the question of who leads the way in look after their people, what are they doing, why is it working? How does culture help your business? How does your purpose? How does the design of your office? Even, how you sit at a computer?

How does a human culture prevent burn out? How does it help you win the talent war? And how, just as importantly, does it help you retain your people too. What perks are the most important?

The good news is companies who look after their people are also the best businesses over the long term. Human based companies are the future. So how do you become one? Our one day event is designed to give you the answers.

The One Day Event — Do Stress

10 speakers.

2 workshops.

200 attendees.

For more information, or to register your interest, head over to our website.

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If you haven’t already, check out ‘The Stress Report’, 134 pages. A modern blueprint for a better way of working and living. £12. Out now.

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Out now. £12.

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