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Huw built some wings to celebrate the 150 birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci

How to get the strength to leave a salary.

1, Fear regret more than change.

2, Embrace uncertainty.

3, Become your own role model.

4, Learn to spend less than you earn.

5, Save enough to give you 6 months of safety.

6, Remember this, being scared equals being alive.

7, Vulnerability is a strength.

8, There is never a right time. Damn.

9, Timing is 20%. The rest is psychology.

10, You know enough. Put what you know into practice.

11, Strategy is direction. Hustle is speed. Don’t confuse the two.

12, You can tell yourself you can’t. Or you can tell yourself you can. You know which one ends better.

13, The clock is ticking. Can you hear it?

14, Fear failure to start more than failure to succeed.

15, Before you can convince others, convince yourself.

16, You will have to raise your standards. Then maintain them.

17, Comfort zones kill.

18, Exercise gets you ready for each day.

19, Emotionally fit. Physically fit. Financially fit. These three will determine your success.

20, Find your love. Then get good at it.

21, The quality of your questions will change your life.

22, Master worry. To do your best work, you will have to care the most and at the same time, care the least.

23, Master time. It’s time to focus. Switch the Wi-Fi off for 3 hours a day.

24, Master you. If you can do that, nothing can stop you.

25, Life is short. Regrets are long.

One of the most amazing journeys you will make in your life, is to go from where you are now to where you could be. In the Autumn, we are going to run a seminar to help you make that journey.

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