It’s not too late to find your element.

Ever feel like you haven’t really started yet? Ever feel that one day you’ll find your thing but it’s not happening now?

That’s normal. Well, that’s how many people feel. But it’s not right.

Too many people spend too long getting good at the thing they hate rather than doing the thing they love. My mate David Hieatt calls this climbing the wrong mountain. You may be a great mountaineer but if you’re on the wrong mountain your skills are wasted.

I have a friend that changes career every ten years. I mean really changes career. Completely. I love this. She’s about to turn 60 and is on to something new. Maybe midwifery. Maybe DJ. Maybe orange farmer. She’s not decided yet but her approach fills me with optimism.

My book Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it is aimed at those a bit stuck. Whether that be as an individual, employee or owner of a business. It is really simple: How do you change what you do before it changes you?

My workshop does the same thing in a different way. It helps you work out what it is you could be doing and builds plans and actions around your dreams.

You’ll leave having pitched your idea to the group, with a plan, with actions and with a belly full of fire (and great food).

The course is purposefully small, purposefully fast-paced, purposely disruptive and purposefully purposeful.

We have two spaces left for the London course this Friday.

More Info here

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