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It’s that time of year.

New Year’s resolutions have been in full-force.

Gyms have been at their busiest. Alcohol sales at their lowest.

All is good.

Then February happens. Like tomorrow.

Indeed, by the first week of February, around 80% of New Year’s resolutions have been broken.

It turns out that willpower and motivation are not the best strategies for making change happen. It also turns out that because we built our comfort zones, unsurprisingly, we love returning to them. They are our rocks.

So, to make a Breakthrough that lasts, like really lasts, we need to adopt more effective techniques, methodologies, and ways of thinking that can make a genuine long-lasting change.

After doing the Do Lectures for nearly 10 years, we have amassed some incredible learning, and insights, and have been conducting our own research into the latest human behaviour studies from all around the world to answer these questions:

How do we Breakthrough?
How do we go to the next level?
And, also, importantly, how do we stay there?

The result of trying to answer these questions is our first 3-day seminar in the Spring:

The Life-Changing Magic Of Sorting Your Sh*t Out.

It will take place down here in the magical setting of the Do Farm in West Wales. And it will only take place once a year.

The reason Clare and I started the Do Lectures was because we were curious to find out why some people reach their potential, and others do not Breakthrough.

I have always wanted to do this seminar, but as an introvert, I have always held back.

So, we tried this seminar in a 1-day form to Beta test it last year, twice.

I wanted to know if this thing would be useful, practical, and deliver results.

Of course, it will take time to know that for sure. But the emails we’ve received have confirmed that we have to make this happen. Oh boy. (I have included some of the testimonials at the bottom.)

It was enough for us to realise that doing this was no longer ‘we should do this’ but ‘we must do this’.

So here it goes.

I hope you can come and join us.


David Hieatt

We will offer a full refund to anyone who attends who isn’t 100% satisfied.

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Is this it?

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Photo By Simon Edwards

Breakthrough. The Life-Changing Magic of Sorting Your Sh*t out.

April 19th-21st. 2018.

This seminar has been ten years in the making. It does not rely on inspiration or motivation alone, but rather it pulls in pioneering thinking from leading human behaviour studies around the world. And, provides you with simple ways to apply them to your daily life.

Our desire to Breakthrough has always been strong, but the techniques we’ve used to make it happen have been weak. And so, mostly, we fail. But what if we learnt better methodologies, and applied them? Then we would start to see the results that we crave.

For Example.

It turns out willpower isn’t the best tool to break a habit. And yet each January we use the very same technique that didn’t work the previous year. And yes, we all know how that ends, right?

Willpower Is Sugar.

Design, Hack, Build, Maintain The Life You Most Want.

What if you could design, hack, build and maintain the life you most want?

This three-day seminar is all about getting our act together. Because when we do that, everything gets better. There is magic when we decide and act.

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Photo By Simon Edwards

Why Attend?

You may have tried to make a change before, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t stick. But, Breakthrough only happens when the desire is strong, and the techniques used to understand the human brain and how best to hack it. Old habits require new thinking.

The Do Lectures has spent the last ten years listening to some of the most incredible speakers on the planet. They have shared their secrets and provided clues on how to Breakthrough when you feel stuck, or if you are on the cusp of making an important change.

This will be an incredible three days. Things will never be the same again.

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Photo By Simon Edwards

The Thinking.

Three Pillars of Mastery.

Think of them as three legs on a stool.

They allow us to concentrate on the problem in front of us, not underneath us.

1, Emotional fitness.
2, Physical fitness.
3, Financial fitness.

Emotional Fitness.

Physical Fitness.

Financial Fitness.

Our relationship with money isn’t always healthy. If we are paid a lot, we tend to spend to that new level. We often think we need to work crazy hard to make money, and yet if we look at when we made the most money, it was a small moment of inspiration.

If we are going to argue with our loved ones, there is more chance it will be about money than any other single thing. Money is the biggest cause of stress for people.

Selling time can and does indeed help you earn a high income. But you are selling time. Your most limited resource. And time doesn’t scale. Isn’t that a truth?

So, what do you have to do to become a master of your money?

1, Spend less than you earn.
2, Save a set amount each month.
3, Understand the magic of small actions.
4, How to choose a great financial advisor.
5, Diversify.
6, Create assets.
7, Have a 6-month money safety-net.
8, Be an investor, not a consumer.
9, Start now.
10, Make your money make money.

(I will be going in-depth on cryptocurrency as this will be the future of money. And I want you to understand a grasp of it before the future arrives.)

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Photo By Simon Edwards

Crisis Makes For A Great Editor.

Sort Our Shit Out.

The Destination Needs To Be Known.

To Change Your Life, You Must First Change Your Habits.

“We Make Our Habits. Then Our Habits Make Us.”

The mistake most people make is trying to change a behaviour and not the person you need to become to make the new habit stick. Imagination is the superpower to changing new habits. Why? Because 95% of habits are sub-consciously driven (right brain). Basically, we don’t even think about them. We just auto-pilot them. To change them, we try and use the left brain. The odds are not stacked in its favour. We need to imagine the person we need to be before we can make the change happen.

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Start today. Buy at The Do Lectures.

What Makes You Cross?

To add some spice to this, over a 90 day period of not drinking, switching my phone off for 12-hour stints, and meditating each day, I would put £5 in a box. In the box were matches and a photo of something I was saving up for. If I fail, I would have to burn the money. If I succeed, I would have a bunch of money towards something I wanted. Both stick and carrot.*

*All Credit to Mike Coulter for this piece of insightful inspiration.

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Photo By Simon Edwards

What Will You Learn?

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Photo by Jim Marsden






Accommodation not included. Welcome to camp on the farm. Bring your tent. Hot showers aplenty. List of local BnB’s provided upon request.

Only 100 places will be available.

Your Coach.

Guest Coaches.


“A few weeks after attending your truly inspiring Lecture — a lot of the areas that we covered on the day resonated with me and played over and over in my mind and I knew I just had to bite the bullet.

I resigned from my job a month ago and am now freelancing and taking on projects at my own discretion giving myself the creative and financial freedom that I have always craved.

The day after the course I was full of energy and optimism and wanted to email the guys to say thank you and to tell you that I was going to quit my job but I stopped myself and made a promise to myself that I could only email when I had actually done it.

So here it is. Thank you for putting together a genuinely thought-provoking lecture that gets results. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom, experiences and your own stories on how to motivate yourself and others. Thank you for all the tips and support on the day and thank you for a really uplifting experience that has completely changed my life. You are the best of the best.”

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Photo By Simon Edwards

“The word future has two U’s. The Old U. And the Future U. The journey between the two is a journey called life.”

The Encouragement Network |

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