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2 min readNov 3, 2019


Do Wales. 2019. Photo by Jim Marsden.

My online workshop (Email for Growth) is taking more time than I thought. Hence, the lack of Saturday Shares. I guess it shows focus. Anyway, this got my attention while something else is getting my attention.

1, Obsession is natural. But rare.

2, Strategy letter. Ben and Jerry’s vs Amazon.

3, We are all confident idiots.

Word/phrase I looked up this week: Looping header.

4, Why Venture Capital doesn’t do fashion well?

5, Use this tool to find your purpose.

6, 100 tools to help you launch and grow.

7, China gets serious about blockchain.

8, Obama calls out calling out culture.

9, Must get into the habit of journaling. Might get one of these.

10, Seamus Heaney. Reading ‘The Given Note’.

Listening to. Iggy Pop. Free.

Books bought but not read yet.

What you do is who you are. Ben Horowitz.


What is Blockchain?


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