Remember that person who gave you your first break?

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Do USA — July 28–31. 2016

No one forgets that person, do they?

They saw something in you, when perhaps no one else did.

And oh boy, were you grateful.

That first rung on the ladder may be equally spaced with all the others, but it doesn’t feel that way when you are starting out.

So here you are now reading this, thinking back to that person, and what a pivotal part they played in your early days. Well, here’s a chance to return the favour.

Each year we go and find 10 companies who will buy a full price ticket and then we go and give that place away for free to a young person who can’t afford to come along to The Do Lectures. We call it a ‘Giving Chair’. But the young people who receive one, they call it their lucky break.

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The Giving Chairs at Do Wales 2015.

The ‘Giving Chair’ Programme.

A little context:

Lots of students and young people want to come to The Do Lectures but can’t afford the ticket.

We get that.

We also understand that a great event like The Do Lectures is made of a remarkable and diverse audience. So it’s important that young people can be a part of it too.

To help make that happen, each year we go and find 10 companies who will buy a ticket and then we give that place away to a young person or student that we think will make the most of it.

When you buy a ‘Giving Chair’, they know you bought it for them. And as part of the ‘Giving Chair’ programme, the student or young person, will make a film about what they learned at The Do Lectures. And then share it with your company. You get to learn what impact it had on them. And as you watch it, the ‘Giving Chair’ will give back to you too.

‘Giving Chairs’ do that.

If you or your company would like to be part of the Giving Chair Programme, please email:

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