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The Keyboard CEO.

Write Your Company Into Growth.


We’ve just launch a new version of this wildly successful LIVE course.

It was so well received by attendees we only change one word of it. Recorded.

You couldn’t make this up.

So we didn’t.

(Not that we would.)

What follows are un-retouched testimonials from attendees of the Keyboard CEO Course: Now available online.

Words fail us.

(For once.)

Attendees from The Keyboard LIVE course April 2020.

“This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I don’t say that lightly. …What you are doing is head and shoulders above anyone else”

“Awesome in the truest sense of the word. This is unlike anything in the world!”

“My mind is blown, my brain is whirring and I can already feel the benefits and changes.”

“Suubloodypurb course the last few weeks guys, thank you! I came with an open mind and left with a full heart, massively inspired with a shit load to do!”

“I had two coaching enquiries last week and I decided to change tactic based on your advice and create a shorter, crisper proposal, more vulnerable and more challenging in nature. The outcome? Two new clients this week and a 500% ROI on the money invested in The Keyboard CEO Course already.”

“That is probably one of the most valuable 30 minutes of my life! (Attendee referring to one of the bonus lessons.)

“Best money I ever spent on a course”

Attendees from The Keyboard LIVE course April 2020.

“I became a pro in 20 hours. So can you.”

“The most inspiring and motivational course I have ever attended.”

“The course I didn’t know I needed.”

“9yrs freelance and I ain’t spent a cent on training. Been busy buying into the old dog/new tricks bullshit. After spending 2hrs/day for 10 days learning with @DOLectures I’d love to do it every year. And happily pay double.”

“This course sparks your senses.”

Attendees from The Keyboard LIVE course April 2020.

“Thank you SO much to the DO Team. You’ve inspired me beyond measure. My brain is overloaded right now but buzzing with ideas and tools, but most importantly I’m motivated to DO. So thank you. That’s what I came for.”

“It’s slightly thrilling to hear that I, as a mediocre writer, with the right system, can write like a pro.”

“The KCEO changed everything for me.”

“Never have I felt so connected to so many people I’ve never met before.”

Attendees from The Keyboard LIVE course April 2020.

“What more could you possibly want out of a course?”


“Feel incredibly confident and supported after the last 2 weeks with you.”

“Inspiration, clarity, helping me to tie down what it really is I’m trying to build.”

“ Thank you for all your pure gold.”

Attendees from The Keyboard LIVE course April 2020.

Find out more about the KeyboardCEO Course here.

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