The Scrappy Manifesto.

Hiut Denim celebrate Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday.
  1. The barrier is a gift.
  2. Be grateful when it appears.
  3. It will make you think different.
  4. Don’t worry about a lack of money.
  5. Worry about a lack of ideas.
  6. Don’t worry about a lack of resources.
  7. Worry about the lack of resourcefulness.
  8. Brave ideas cost less than average ones.
  9. Don’t be average.
  10. Prototype fast.
  11. Validate before launch.
  12. Use social media to test.
  13. Small bets won’t break you.
  14. Bet often. But small.
  15. Perfection is the enemy.
  16. Long deadlines kill urgency.
  17. Consensus kills creativity.
  18. David versus Goliath. Remember who wins.
  19. Small teams are fast. Fast is scrappy.
  20. Counter-intuitive is scrappy.
  21. Nonconformity is scrappy.
  22. Going against the norm is scrappy.
  23. Scrappy is grrr…
  24. Scrappy is grit.
  25. Scrappy is gut.
  26. Scrappy knows you are one idea away, one blog piece away, one article away, one prototype away from changing everything.
  27. Scrappy is right now. Not tomorrow.

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