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Reports have a reputation of being pretty dull.

So we figured we should change that.

Meet The Stress Report.

We’ve decided to take a bit more of an irreverent, gettable approach to information, and yes… launch with the mother of all topics.

Stress is a buzzword, bragging right, fear, and motivator all rolled into one. It has the potential to propel or paralyze. But that’s what makes it interesting. And we see that as an opportunity.

So we’re exploring a question: what would happen if we actually understood stress?

We believe that information multiplies doing, so that’s the aim of all this. Do more. Ask more. Create more.

Knowledge has the potential to change the way we live.

And we’re vowing to keep our readers awake.

Now that we have you on board, want to help us write 134 pages?

Click here to have your voice illustrated, printed, and bound come June.

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