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A modern compass for a new, smarter, more productive way of working.

How can it help your business?

Whether you’re a pioneering entrepreneur trying to attract and keep the best people, or an overworked employee just trying to find a better way to get all this crazy workload done, The Stress Report is a modern compass for a new, smarter, more productive way of working.

Forget the old concept of working harder. Counter intuitively, it isn’t working. It makes us less creative, less inspiring to be around, and it turns out the badge of honour of working all the hours makes us less productive too. Triple dumb.

The smart companies are escaping the rat race old way of working, and waking up to the fact that their biggest asset is their people, and for them to do their most innovative work, they need to think different’. But in order to do that, they need to work different.

And there is a better way of working. It’s just not the way we have been doing it. The ‘Stress Report’ is a modern blueprint for a better way of working and living.

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You can make Stress work for you — Honestly, you can.

The Do Lectures has conducted a 134 page report to look at which companies look after their people the best, what new techniques are being used, what perks alleviate stress, what foods we should eat more of, and why every company should have a C.W.O. (Chief Wellbeing Officer).


· How does a 4 day week could actually grow your business?

· Why is your office space creating more stress and not more creativity?

· How could simple time management techniques change the culture of your company?

· How do you train your boss to value performance over you being there late each night?

· Why does working in sprints give better results than always being on the treadmill?

· Why do you have to sit differently at a Laptop than a big screen?

· How do you keep email in control?

· How do you win the Talent war, when you don’t have Google’s money?

· Why are your best people leaving? And oh, it’s not money.

· Why do introverts, extroverts and ambiverts react to stress differently?

· The crucial role sleep plays in the performance of your company.

· How do you switch off in a world that is always on?

· How does helping others help your stress levels?

The Stress Report also includes real-life experiments, and will be supported by a podcast series hosted by Mark Shayler. And there will be a one day ‘Ideas Day’ event in London this September which will look further into the theme of stress. And how we can make it make so much better you and your business.

Pre-order your copy of The Stress Report here. The report will be shipped from June 16.

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What is The Do Lectures?

The Do Lectures is an encouragement network that exists to help entrepreneurs to go and make world change happen. It has been voted as one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world by the Guardian. The tickets for its global events sell out in one day. And they hold workshops in cities around the world. It has a series of books by The Do Book Co. And it holds 5 day sprints for businesses that want to introduce positive change to their business. The Stress Report is the first in a series of reports that take a modern look at the roadblocks in ‘Doing’ more amazing things.

Learn more about the The Do lectures here.

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