What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

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6 min readAug 21, 2017

If you could get a guarantee with every big a decision you made, you would make decisions with a very different mind-set. You wouldn’t think about them for years. Even decades.

But big decisions are not like electrical goods, they do not come with a guarantee.

It takes me back to a time when I worked as a copywriter in Britain’s biggest advertising agency, I was one of their youngest people that they ever had on their board, I was paid incredibly well paid, I got to work on great accounts. It was a great place to work.

But one day, I remember picking up a fashion trade magazine. It had an article on the 50 most important brands in the UK. Adidas was 12th. Nike was 6th. But nestled in between them was howies, the brand Clare and I started.

I put the magazine down. And in that moment, I made the decision to leave a great job and a crazy good salary. Literally in that split-second I had gained the confidence to jump.

It was the best thing I have ever done.

But that split-second had taken me 6 years to get to.

This got me thinking, what was stopping me? Maybe it was the same thing as stops lots of people: Confidence, Belief, Uncertainty, Money.

And what if we could run a workshop to give people the tools to be able to make that leap.

So I persuaded Mark Shayler and Mike Coulter, both of whom left good salaries a long time ago, to come and join me for the day.

I think this workshop will give you extraordinary insights, tools and strategies that you can use to help you take that almighty leap.

The workshop will not be filmed, as privacy is important. It will take place in a safe and supportive environment down here on the Do Farm.

There will be lots of people on a similar journey to you. There will great food, plus an evening meal. Who knows even some sunshine.

I hope you can join us for what will be a remarkable day. And I hope a real turning point in your journey.

David Hieatt

Co-founder of The Do Lectures

The one guarantee we will give you is a full refund if this workshop doesn’t equip you with the tools to make the leap of faith.

How To Gain The Strength To Leave A Salary.

That ‘Crazy Idea’ you have had for years isn’t going away.

Go for a run, and it’s all you think about. Have a nice glass of wine, and it’s where your mind wanders to. Put some great music on, and it’s the thing that you dream about.

But, you haven’t crossed the start line. And, to be honest, you are beginning to wonder if you ever will.

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” — Fred Wilson.

You can’t put your finger on what it is, but something is missing. That missing thing is called fulfilment. That’s it. That’s what it’s called. But your stomach may not recognise that name for it, but it knows how that word feels.

And no matter how many promotions you get, how big your new house is, how much they pay you, they don’t take that feeling away. They are just no substitute for pursuing the crazy idea.

But don’t worry, we have all been there. Earning great money, but somehow, not that happy. And, some may call it a mid-life crisis. But what that is, is not listening to that crazy idea.

This one day workshop is simply here to help you leave a salary. And start that Crazy Idea.

Why should you attend?

We recently spent six months conducting a Report into ‘Side Projects’, and our key learning was something we already knew.

Smart people with smart ideas don’t always start. They get stuck. They remain on the cusp of starting, but can’t get over the line.

The biggest hurdle by far was leaving a salary. Both emotionally leaving the safety that it offers, as well as the practical side of things it provides like a roof over our heads and food in the belly.

We wanted to help because we have all left the security of a big salary. So we set about designing a one day workshop to give you the confidence that you can. To give you the practical steps that you can, to give you the emotional tool kit to take the leap of faith.

This workshop is for anyone who has a ‘Crazy Idea’ but for some reason just hasn’t made it happen. We are here to give that little nudge. Also when you are in a workshop with other people who are in the same position as yourselves, it gives you the energy, confidence and extra encouragement that now is the time.

The three pillars of learning will be:

1, Emotional fitness
2, Physical fitness
3, Financial fitness

The aim of the workshop is to help you understand that all three need to be in place before you can begin this new journey.

It’s time to leave the CUSP.

C — Confidence
U — Uncertainty
S — Someday but not today
P — Playing small

What will you learn?

1, How to fear regret more than change?
2, How to embrace uncertainty?
3, How to become your own role model?
4, How to learn to spend less than you earn?
5, How to create the habit to save enough to give you six months of safety?
6, How to understand being scared equals being alive?
7, Why vulnerability is a strength?
8, How to understand there is never a right time. Damn.
9, If timing is only 20%, what is the other 80%?
10, If you know enough, how do you put into practice what you know?
11, Strategy is direction. Hustle is speed. How to not confuse the two?
12, You can tell yourself you can’t. Or you can tell yourself you can. Both will be right if you believe them enough. So how do tell yourself a better story?
13, The clock is ticking. Can you hear the urgency?
14, How to fear failure to start more than failure to succeed?
15, Before you can convince others, how will you learn to convince yourself?
16, How will you raise your standards. And why willpower won’t cut it?
17, If comfort zones kill, how do I leave mine?
18, How to use exercise to get you ready for each day.
19, Emotionally fit. Physically fit. Financially fit. How to use these three pillars to make you happy, content, and fulfilled?
20, Why finding your love gives you an unfair advantage?
21, Why seeking better questions will change your life?
22, How to ‘Master worry’. To do your best work, you will have to care the most and at the same time, care the least. How do you do that?
23, How to ‘Master time’?
24, How do you ‘Master you’?
25, Remember, life is short. Regrets are long.

Your coaches.
David Hieatt
Co-founder of The Do Lectures. Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co. Before that Co-founder of howies. Finally left a salary in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since.
Mark Shayler
International keynote speaker. And leadership coach to leading CEO’s and blue chip brands.
Mike Coulter.
Creative Director on The Side Project Report: Left a good salary, went back to it. Left a big salary, went back to it. Left a massive salary. (Watch this space.)

September 8th. (This workshop will only take place once this year.)

The workshop will take place on the Do Farm. The iconic location for The Do Lectures, West Wales


Fresh, local food throughout the day. Local end-of-workshop beers. Return for optional dinner with wine, with workshop leaders, and with great conversation into the night.

If you want to attend ‘How To Gain The Strength To Leave A Salary’, book a place here.